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Leadership 3 - Semester 2 Newsletter

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Mr Koizumi's Component of Leadership Style

Not many people agreed, but Mr Koizumi's leadership style was a Charismatic Leadership. A key demension of Charismatic leadership includes the relationship between leader and followers/group members. (Dublin&Daglish 2003)

Charismatic leadership approach was measured by the following characteristics.

1.      Followers’ trust in the correctness of the leader’s belief.

2.      Similarity of followers’ belief to the leader’s belief.

3.      Unquestioning acceptance of the leader by followers.

4.      Followers’ affection for the leader

5.      Emotional involvement of followers in the mission of the organisation.

6.      Heightened performance goals of followers.

7.      Belief of followers that they are able to contribute to the success of the group’s mission.

Charismatic leaders also have high self-confidence, strong conviction in their beliefs. They can appeal to hopes and ideas of followers and communicate high expectations. (Clawson 2003)


After second LDP election, Mr Koizumi not only retained his position, but also increased his popularity and trust from his new cabinet. All cabinets worked hard for Mr Koizumi to become Japan’s most supported cabinet in history. This is because of Mr Koizumi’s charismatic leadership and his visions. He was always trying to get clear visions to get Japan be a better nation. Those visions including domestic and foreign policies were then understood and supported by followers.

Another Mr Koizumi’s charismatic leadership was his impressive appearance. As Mr Koizumi is a big fan of Elvis Presley, with whom he shares a birthday, his Elvis hairstyle was always attracted others and his trademark. Mr Koizumi was also a great communicator.

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