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Leadership 3 - Semester 2 Newsletter

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Koizumi's Leadership Style

Mr Koizumi’s core leadership skill was born from his political genealogy. His grandfather, Matajiro Koizumi, was Minister of Posts and Telecommunications. His father, Junya Koizumi, was director general of the Japan Defence Agency. Both his father and grandfather were leaders in many situations. (Wikipedia 2006)


He developed his leadership skill in 2 ways, before the Prime Minister and after the Prime Minister.

In 1994, with the LDP in opposition, Koizumi became part of a new LDP faction, YKK, made up of younger and more motivated parliamentarians. He competed for the presidency of the LDP in September 1995 and July 1999, but he gained little support losing decisively. However, after his YSS member were humiliated in a disastrous attempt to force a vote of no confidence against Prime Minister Mr Mori in 2000, Mr Koizumi became the last remaining credible member of the YKK, which gave him leverage over the reform-minded wing of the party. (Economist 2006)

After elected LDP leader in 2001, Mr Koizumi pushed for new ways to revitalise the dying economy, aiming to act against bad debts with commercial banks, privatise the postal savings system, and reorganises the factional structure of the LDP. He spoke of the need for a period of painful restructuring in order to improve future of Japan.

Mr Koizumi also developed and showed his leadership skills in foreign policy stances, such as sending Japanese Self-Defence Forces to Ilaq, unrepentant stance towards China and South Korea over his Yasukuni Shrine visits, emphasising Japan's claims against Russia over the Kuril Ilands and negotiating with North Korean government.  

Showing his leadership skills and styles in above situations, Mr Koizumi developed his skills of leading others and also gained his popularity over public. (Economist 2006)

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