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Leadership 3 - Semester 2 Newsletter

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Mandela gave his life to the liberation of South Africa. He was able to see that the only solution to his country's problems was to allow all people black and white to live side by side without any segregation, after all ‘all men die and all go to the grave’. There is no greater love than for a person to give up his or her life for others (Christian Science Monitor)  This is what Mandela had done over the years. He has also shown that to achieve peace and development in Africa, the African must learn that political power is not a monopoly. It must be passed over peacefully. He was not power hungry. His wisdom lay in his understanding that he is not the only wise person. In many ways, people see him as the “sage of Africa


Mr Koizumi developed his leadership skills in variety of ways in the Diet. Being LDP leader for 5 years, he developed his trust and popularity over his party. He has developed very strong relationship with his followers to share and achieve his beliefs.

Even Mr Koizumi’s resignation, nation will always remember him mainly as a maverick reformer, a politician with the personal confidence and charisma to take on his own party. His five years in power saw many changes, both within the party and nationally. At the end of the 1990s, Japanese economy was in decline phrase and needed to change desperately. Mr Koizumi was only a man who could bring the change at that time